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Version RC release



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    Why have the filtering tool options been removed? I can no longer filter out disconnected pieces by triangle count. It doesn't matter that the software now filters them after reconstruction, because any future changes (exporting and importing, or filtering by reconstruction region) will bring up new disconnected parts that cannot be removed.

    Please implement back the feature or I (and I assume others) will have to start looking up alternatives to accomplish our goals.


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    Marcin Piosik

    Hi guys,

    I am not sure what do you mean by
    + Improved filtering experience and bug fixes

    But for me it looks like you downgraded filtering experience by taking away possibility of marking by polygon count.

    Is it possible to go back to the previous version of the software and stop the update process?


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    Pascal GODARD


    I have a new problem with this version : i can't save the temp files in another drive that C: (textures calculs).

    It's new. The older version was able to save in a temp directory i have choosed.

    Thanks for your answer.

    Pascal GODARD