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    Lucia CR

    The new version is available for you to download from your MY account ( or as an automatic update (WORKFLOW/Settings/Check for updates/Check).

    Let us also inform you that this Sunday, 8 January 2017, you will experience hard expiration of your version of RealityCapture.

    In case you have a reconstruction running, which is expected to end later than on Sunday, 8 January 2017, please abort the computation, save the project, and update your RealityCapture to the new version as soon as possible. Then open the project and run the same task again. It will continue from the last saved state since RealityCapture caches most of the intermediate data.

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    Can ya'll elaborate on the new simplify and unwrap algorithms? I'd like to experiment with them and report back, but need to know what I'm reporting on....

    Does the new unwrap algorithm try new UV islands as compared to old?

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    Götz Echtenacher

    What does wheel cycling on ribbon mean? Enabled or disabled?
    Because it worked in the Beta and does now... ;-)

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    Joachim Ringstad

    Forcing updates is not really something I dig.
    After updating I haven't been able to do a single scan. I either get a CUDA error or reconstruction in normal detail error.
    Installing the Demo MSI first did not add a reality capture exe file so I installed the other RC and it did. Activated and now I can't use the software. going to try to update the nvidia drivers.