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How to unzip b3dm files for use in Cesium JS



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    Hello, i have some trouble with step 8, what is in rename.bat? If you can send file to cloud



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    Wallace Wainhouse CR

    Hi aeromax_dzz,

    to make rename.bat. make a new file in a text editor with the just this line:

    ren *.* *.b3dm


    and save it as rename.bat and save it to the geometry folder

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    You upload to and it work?

    I prepare data on your all step but model don't visable

     all b3dm unzip, and all files without extension add b3dm

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    In order to save us some time and trouble, it would be great to allow, in the LoD export dialog, either to compress or not those b3dm files. It took time to figure out that the files couldn't be served from my distant machine since they were compressed.

    By the way, for those who have hands on a server but couldn't set it up to serve compressed files on-the-fly, they can still do as follows via ssh (dirty workaround, I'm not a linux specialist, so do that on backed up files, in case...) :

    - batch rename the files to reflect their real zipped format :

    for file in *.b3dm; do mv -- "$file" "${file%.b3dm}.b3dm.gz"; done

    - then uncompress them

    for file in *.b3dm.gz; do gunzip ${file%}; done