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    Dear Bill,
    When you click on the ortho projection in the project tree a ortho projection panel will appear. There you will see the coordinate system of the selected ortho projection. It will be the 16N. The reason is that you have created the ortho projection in the 16N coordinate system.

    If you want to have the ortho projection in 15N then you need to select the 15N coordinate system in the ortho projection TOOL panel before yo calculate it. You can select also another one ... The project coordinate system should be preselected in the ortho projection tool panel.

    Each ortho projection is created in the preselected coordinate system and can be exported just in that one. You can't chose different coordinate system during export. The reason is that the conversion to another coordinate system would require a nonlinear deformation of the ortho projection and therefore it is faster to calculate another one.
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