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    Hi Gotz, not sure if I get it right. You are creating a local coordinate system with theodolite or what are you actually measuring?

    If you go the opposite direction, create "markers" in the real world, measure relations between them, calc positions using theodolite and click markers in images and add assign 3D coordinate (change CP type to ground control point, to assign 3D)


    But exporting a list of CP + thumbnail is anyway an interesting idea, adding it to dev backlog.
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    Götz Echtenacher
    Hi martinb,

    yes, I would like to orient it to an existing local coordinate system.
    On the other hand, I would want to have some metrological basis.
    The way you suggested ist the standard process - stick targets to the object, measure them and then take the images.
    There are a number of difficulties though: for one thing in my field (buildings) it is very often very difficult if not impossible to get targets everywhere you want (or need); secondly, they can sometimes obscure features or it ist not possible to attach them (colour coats or tapestry); and thirdly, it is just one more thing to do (and plan ahead) and since control points are often necessary anyway, i might as well use them as my personal markers.
    Just an idea...
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