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Some request for architectural and cultural heritage



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    Götz Echtenacher
    Second the num-pad request, that would be helpful!

    The advanced mesh options would be great as well, although it is always tricky to define where RC ends and another software needs to take over. Since only few programs can handle remeshing properly, I asume that the algorythm is not too simple. And personally I am more in favor of slim specialised software that blown up can-do-it-alls.
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    Lucia CR
    The shortcuts for elevations in a 3D view:
    0 - perspective
    1 - parallel view
    2 - top view
    3 - bottom view
    4, 5, 6, 7 - side views
    R - reset view
    ENTER - set the view camera to the pose of a selected camera

    The e57 support for point-cloud import has just been released -> Version RC release
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    Hi Lucia,

    thank you for your answer to my post.
    I saw the changes (not all)in the latest versions of the software, and i see that there is quite regular upgrades, always better and better.
    Hope to be able to use the software in the future for more works.
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    Lucia CR

    a hole closing tool was introduced in this release:

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