Better quality uv maps / texture space usage



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    Michal | CR
    Hi, Thank you for the post. There will be more tools and we will update algorithm slightly. There will be also more unwrapping styles.

    The planar or automatic box projection mapping (with amount of angles adjustable) is on plan but with low priority.

    You can use 'Unwrap tool' and fixed texel size and try to increase texel size you have in your model slightly to get better utilization.

    You can also use 4096 texture resolution and fixed texel size ... it can generate you many textures. This however usually gives better ustilization. Then during export you can select export to one texture. Be carefull because this way you can lower 'gutter' ( when RC downscales textures to fit the selected maximal resolution ). Having too small gutter, i.e. small space between charts, can lead to visible artefacts when browsing exported mesh. Gutter = 2 should be OK in most cases.
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