Define Ground Plane and mesh center via control points




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    Michal | CR
    yes you can do it.

    Workflow :
    0. set project coordinate system and output coordinate system to "local:1 - Euclidean" ( WORKFLOW \ Settings \ Coordinate Systems )
    1. Add images, align ( compute model ), define control points ... each at least in 2 images
    2. Change the type of the control point from "Tie point" to "Ground control" and define the coordinate system as "local:1 - Euclidean" and set the point positions. You need to do it for three control points to properly define your coordinate system.
    3. Press update
    4. Export model so that in export dialog you will chose coordinate system as "Project output"

    The steps order as well as the update is important if you do not have very exact positions of the control points. The update will just rotate, scale, and translate whole scene to best match the control points.
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    Hi Michalj,

    Is it possible to automate this process via command line? If not, is it planned in the near future?

    Thank you for your support
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