Autosave and/or can we force a save mid reconstruction




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    Benjamin von Cramon

    I'd like to amen the request for a save option mid-stream during reconstruction or any other operation in RC. To the extent the data generated during an operation is incrementally saved to cache, an abort followed by running again isn't starting from scratch, but the ability to stop mid-stream and save the state isn't just about not starting from scratch (or the perception of that). It's about the freedom to run time-consuming operations only when it's convenient, like at night, allowing user to work in RC hands-on during the day or free up system resources whenever they might be needed elsewhere.

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    I've lost many weeks on large reconstructions. even though saving all the depth maps helps.... but when it takes 3 or more weeks, you still lose a few when starting back at depth map stage.  

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    +1 to the option of automatically saving on completion ( a tick bock would be great)

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