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    General help is embedded in the application and you can invoke it by pressing F1. Not all topics are however covered yet.

    Regarding the point cloud ops - depending on what you want to achieve:
    1. you can restrict model to some part of a scene - use "set reconstruction region" tool which you can find in RECONSTRUCTION tab. Use it to define a bounding box of a region of interest.
    2. unwanted points - ghosts - caused by wrong camera alignment. I would recommend to use control points or add more images to remove ghosts
    3. "flies" in the air - do not worry about them. They will disappear.

    You can clean unwanted points also after mesh is done using RECONSTRUCTION\Filtering tool.
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    dan woje
    I guess what I was hoping for was more control over what points are used for the final model. For instance a very simple rock is scanned but I want as little ground as possible to end up in the final mesh. With Photoscan you can delete all the points out of the Cloud you don't want to be built in the final mesh.

    This is a HUGE feature and would really be great to have more control.

    Just to clarify the workflow I'm familiar with in Photoscan is:

    1: Align: basic point data
    2: Dense cloud calculation: this can be edited after the calc as stated earlier
    3: Mesh Generation/decimation

    RCs work flow from what I've gathered is:
    Align: then I have the option for basic region selection
    Mesh Generation/decimation

    I've used Photoscan for years now and I'm looking into your program to help in a few areas I find lacking in the program, mainly cleaner point clouds and cleaner re-projection of textures onto models with custom uvs. Speed would be a plus as well.

    On that note, does RC support importing cleaned up models with custom UVS and reprojecting onto them?

    Thanks for taking my questions. Like what I'm seeing so far!!!
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    Great software, really liking the potential.

    I agree with Dan - Some manual editing tools will be very important. Right now there is a very good automatic workflow - and it's really working great for most things, but sometimes I'ts necessary to go in with a lasso tool and custom edit some parts of a scan. for example cut off a pole of an object, or trim a branch, etc. Is this possible?

    Then during the meshing this area would be cleanly sealed over. I'ts easier to do these things on a point cloud rather than on the final mesh, in Zbrush for example. I would like to have the point cloud as neat as possible before meshing. I'm familiar with this workflow from Photoscan, and I'm missing it here. But overall, I'm really excited about this, great stuff!!
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    Hi Dan

    sorry for later reply.

    To edit the Dense PCD is not possible, as we not use dense PCD to generate the mesh.
    So its not possible to edit it before meshing, but we will improve the editing possibilities of the resulting mesh so its easier to clean it up before its used in ZBrush or other sw outside RC.

    But stil can do at least basic cleanup of the model already in RC, need set BBox ( reconstruction region ) and then use the FILTERING tool in RECONSTRUCTION ribbon.
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