Test: Reality Capture BETA 1.0




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    Hi Pixel

    good video :D !!!!

    for the rotation of the object in RC. can use DEFINE GROUND PLANE ( under set reconstruction region ) and rotate the scene...

    for the pricing:

    Dear RC users, we have got many requests about pricing. There are many different types of users and needs. Our product has been in a "Public Beta" phase since December 2015. We are collecting requests and discussing with you all the information in order to be able to decide about the future licensing policy. Therefore we would like to ask you for your patience. We will release the new licensing policy as soon as possible. We would like to assure you that, whether you are a student or a big company, we will have an affordable pricing option for you.
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    Lucia CR
    pixel wrote:
    here a quick test with 90 photos (smartphone) of a shoe, all settings are default...

    this soft is really fast ...
    thanks to let us test :D
    have you please some info about final pricing ?


    Hello there, here is the long-awaited information about the pricing: https://www.capturingreality.com/Product#Buy
    By the way, impressive video you have posted.
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