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    Hi kallehelgesson

    So in the Unwrap Tool is it just as simple as continue adding Maximal Texture Counts to get to as close as possible to 100% in Texels detail etc and hope it makes enough textures to get me to more detail? In my model on the screenshot has 5 texture for now.

    yes its correct with the TEXEL values. best if do ii with 16k textures and set 4 of them, if its not enough set 8 or 16 textures.
    when get 100% then try set 8k or 4k txtr and multiply max texture setting by the 4(8k) or 16(4k).
    On smaller txtrs (8-4k) get better UV space efficiency.

    The Default unwrap parameters are they overwritten by the settings you made in the Unwrap Tool?

    yes the UNWRAP tool stetting are superior to default values..

    but looking on the texture in the screenshot its look like cams are not looking from all direction therefore have the blur spots there.. ( i see have just 59 cameras there )
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