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    Hi Aaron,

    I'm not sure what do you mean by not implemented.

    There is a field "Locked pose group" where you set an integer - positive to set a group, negative or nothing to un-group.

    The purpose is simple - consider following example -
    1. you have a room, captured completely using e.g. 1000 images
    2. you have 3 such rooms in 3 components
    3. you add new 100 photos to connect these rooms
    4. now you have an option to say the system - do not move what is already registered (room interior), but place rooms as they should be on a floor plan - i.e. move rooms as a whole.
    5. how to do that - select images from component 1 and assign group 1, component 2->group 2 ,...
    6. click align

    Alternatively, you can use "lock for continue" what makes camera pose static during next alignments. This is useful when you are incrementally adding new and new parts of the scene.
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    Aaron Curtis
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