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    Hi Shuichi Kikuchi

    -How "clean" is the scanned data? Is the process like a scan and done deal or does one have to re-topologize the model afterwards in order to texture, rig, animate etc?

    Yes, RC is oriented to reconstruct a model from supplied data but, like any scanning solution, if you need to use it for a particular use-case, you need to re-topologize it etc. RC can re-project textures on re-topologized mesh with custom UVs.

    -If one were to bring the model into Unity, can the data be optimized by Reality Capture so that it can be used in Unity?

    It depends on what you need as results, but it is possible to SIMPLIFY it to a reasonable triangle number that can Unity handle, export an OBJ with textures and import it into Unity/Unreal or another real-time engine.

    -In what format will the data be in?

    OBJ with texture, PLY with vertices’ colors or XYZ pointcloud, as primary export formats. Alternatively, you can convert it to any other formats outside RC.
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