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    Lucia CR
    sabry wrote:
    Hi everyone,

    can anyone outline (in generic bullets) - for an "advanced" beginner on this field - what the key set-up steps & settings are to get optimal results from RC with a full-body photogrammetry scanner (using fixed positioned 147 Raspberry Cam modules in our booth).

    Thanks and much appreciated!

    Hello Sabry,
    did you mean how to set up a camera rig?

    To recycle your RC settings you can use the XMP metadata and apply them to other datasets automatically. Have a look at the Re-use Alignment topic in the Help (F1) section of your RC.
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    Thanks for the advise, I have received very helpful and constructive input on this feature by Milos. As a result I am now using the XMP workflow consistently in our operations. Much appreciated!
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