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    Lucia CR
    connorsaban10 wrote:
    Hi all,
    I am currently working on a Photogrammetry project that details 3D indoor mapping, however i am having some issues in the rendering phase.

    Right now i am currently using an Olympus omd EM1 but also looking for an upgrade, from what i understand the Olympus has the right capability for the job however i am under the impression that using a more professional model/make would be better for my intended outcomes.
    Moreover i would appreciate if any of you have any better suggestions for a camera that would be much appreciated.

    all the best and happy rendering :D

    could you please provide us with more details on the issue? Some screenshots could also be very helpful.
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    firstly i would make sure your getting the most out of your current camera.

    make sure all your images are sharp. if they are blurry your losing effective resolution. it may mean higher shutter speed or monopod or something else.

    if your still not happy with it.

    I've been happy with d810, but the 5dsr also looks like it would be a very good option. in theory an a7rII should be excellent too but it seems some people are having issue with it for photogrammetry. it could be that being lighter than the other dslr or image stabilization causing issues.

    I would also recommend disabling any image stabilization in camera or lens.

    any of these high res cameras will be harder to get a sharp image too, so you will need to be careful about that too.
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    No idea if it is appropriate to post it here or if there is another more relevant section.

    I want to sell 60 Canon Powershot A2500 P/S camera's which I have used for Photogrammetry experiments.

    The camera's are very little used only for experiments. Camera's are with original battery, SD card and charger. The color is Silver.

    The specifications are 5X Optical zoom, 16 MP resolution. I have loaded CHDK on all SD cards for synchronized shooting of people.

    Camera's are with me in India and they each cost INR 4000 (@ 60 $). I can ship it anywhere but the shipping cost will be extra (on actual).

    The total cost will be $3600 plus shipping

    Please contact me on or +91 9967883813

    Tej Yadav
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