Hard expiration?

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    Hi kallehelgesson
    We will release a new build soon... This is here to warn people soon enough before the expiration...
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    the application will propose new updates automatically once they area available. So you do not need to do anything, just click "yes" to confirm that you want to update the app.

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    Lucia CR
    yes, this is mostly just a notification on the mandatory software update scheduled in 2 weeks. This will be made automatically for free if you have automatic updates turned on (WORKFLOW / Settings / Automatic updates / True).

    Just a recommendation: in case you will have a reconstruction running at about this time, please abort the computation, save the project, and update your RealityCapture to the new version as soon as possible. Then open the project and run the same task again. It will continue from the last saved state since RealityCapture caches most of the intermediate data.

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