Structured light scanners



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    Götz Echtenacher
    Do you mean using the 3D model as a basis for aligning additional photos?
    Because just plugging it in surely won't work...
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    Jennifer Cross

    I'm wondering about using structured light as an option as well...

    We have a lot of difficult situations (grey with grey bits overlayed with a nice layer of grey dust photographed with bad light with a high iso smear).

    Adding lots of light to fix the iso and contrast isn't generally possible, but I could project a pattern onto the surfaces and photograph that (eg DAVID).  There are structured light systems that use projectors and moving patterns, but could we project a fixed pattern from the camera view and use changes in the pattern from the surface and camera motion to do the slam processing?

    Or perhaps alternate two patterns projected from different positions (say the arms of a drone) to get a bit of baseline on the shots? (I've seen a simple system that used a phone/tablet selfie camera and various illumination patterns to get enough shadow on a face to generate a model.


    Just looking for someway to find a surface in the mostly dark (short of mounting a lidar to everything)

    Jennifer (yay for underground mining)

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