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RC leaving large temp files in user\appdata




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    You have two options:

    change the cache location in the settings
    set RC to delete its cache on application exit.

    Not deleting the cache while you are working on a particular project is recommended.
    Otherwise RC will have to process some data over and over again.
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    Jennifer Cross
    Thanks shadowtail..
    So just me still getting up to speed..
    So if I set them to save in project folder, then everyone (if we had more users) would get to use the same cache files on that project? Seems like a win - and then delete them when archiving the project.

    Thanks again!
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    Hi Jennifer Cross

    Not possible to use same folder for RC CACHE, or get in really hard corruption of data. Best if you palce it in custom folder
    like X:/RC_CACHE and clear if form time to time ( project scope dependent )

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