Body Scan UV/Solid/Close Holes




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    Hi Mark ruff

    1. The UV space is wasted and suspect that it is much poorer than PhotoScan and I doubt that it could be painted on using Mudbox.
    mean for same txtr resolution ? try play with the GUTTER in UNWRAP tool ??
    best are custom UVs and import back and get textures on it..

    2. A Close holes ability
    yup not there now...

    3. A Solid view
    yup its planed feature

    My work flow in PS creates a dense model and then moving unwanted points.
    its because we not use pointclouds for model creation..

    I can't do this in CR since you cannot remove points once the model is created.
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    Hi Mark
    I also suspect that the default texture size was much larger than the texture detail created which is why half of the image was empty. Found the texture map settings after we tested your images. ;)
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