Fullbody Scanner with Projektion-Images and Texture-Images




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    Hi info

    Yes, it works without problems. You can do it in more ways - one of them is to move images with projected patterns from the folder ( Alignment + model reconstruction ) and then reload the scene. It will ask you for the proper path and then you point it to the ones with good texture.

    Or if you are experienced, look at the *.rcproj file and change the paths to the proper data.
    If you process a lot of datasets per day, then it could be interesting for you to try out the CLI ( CommandLine ) version that enables batch processing...
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    Frank Zimmermann
    Thx - i will test it.

    Question to the Commandline:
    I will use diffrent "Input" Hotfolder (with diffrent Option for the CR Workflow).
    I will copy one directory (called the Order-Nummber) with the two directories "With projektion" and "Without projektion"

    Can CR - when i copy the "Order" directory
    - start the Workfow
    - generate the Bounding Box (like photoscan)
    - generate Masks
    and generate the meshes and texture (Texture from the directrory "Without Projektion")
    and for the last saving the *.obj-file (*.obj - Name = Order directory)
    and after this job will done - searching in the hotfolder about new jobs.
    So CR can work job for job - maybe over night

    Question: Can CR do that workflow?

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    Hi Frank Zimmermann

    Yes, it works this way, except that you do not need to play with masking :D

    If you are interested to know more about the CLI version, contact me on milos.lukac@capturingreality.com.
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