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    I finally used this start button for the first time in about a year and a half....

    but now even on normal detail i have a bunch of models between 20 - 40mil. when 1 mil would be more than enough for my use.

    I'd really like to use it again. but it needs improvement.

    it should be able to enable or disable any part of the process.

    align, save, reconstruct, save, smooth, save, simplify (multiple times for LOD), save, texture, save, export (including mulitple components to there own model).

    and before you say thats what cli is for.... well this should also work for that too. it would save a lot of computer time saving and loading the project for each step. esp since CLI is really just about max image count for me anyway. so I'd rather use this 90% in that than coming up with script that will take longer to process.

    this would save a lot of hours on remote desktop just waiting for one part to finish to start the next.
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    Götz Echtenacher
    100% d'accord
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