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    Lucia CR
    Marek Janacek wrote:
    Hello everybody,
    I have been using your software for several months and I am impressed – the speed of processing and processing of such a large number of photos is amazing. I attach a screenshot of my project.

    There are some features which might be implemented to make the use even more comprehensive and greatly useful.

    Thanks a lot.

    - multiple monitors support
    - email notifications: progress, failures, completion, report
    - display multiple components simultaneously
    - create groups of images / components
    - erase multiple images / components
    - Start button: skip alignment, select multiple components, use loaded reconstruction region, save after each step
    - switch license to another PC

    - masks: window / fence / magic wand / brush / fill / inverse
    - colour correction, image rotation
    - in “2Ds” zoomed images hide file name

    - import reference and display in “3Ds” models (obj) / drawings (dwg) / pointclouds / points (txt)
    - display in “3Ds” position of images including orientation and tilt via flight log
    - in “1Ds” insert text note to images (name, location, info, defect, …)
    - in “2Ds” insert graphic note (brush, circle, …)
    - export selected images to database: images with graphic note, text information (file, name, location, info, defect, date, time, gps, …)

    - coordinates of a point
    - distance
    - angle
    - slope
    - area
    - volume

    - reconstruction only pointcloud
    - display: size point, normal, depth map (elevation – align to orthoprojection, transparency
    - edit: selections window / fence / plane / colour / inverse, classification, delete
    - export to pts /e57 / las / txt (set columns)

    - create 3d models only from laser scan data
    - options for to create closed/opened models, generate multiple parts (e.g. set maximum edge length)
    - display: textured / solid / wire / transparent
    - edit: selections by window / fence / brush / inverse, delete
    - repair: cap holes, delete particles, spikes and tunnels

    - align to control points
    - other methods for creating orthophotomap?, stitching images without ragged edges, edit seam, ...

    thank you for your feedback. It is already possible to measure distances in the application and some of the other features are already being worked on...
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    Lucia CR


    RealityCapture uses components, enables switching licenses to different users and computers, you can import .obj for retexturing, import control points, export image lists, display coordinates of control points and depth maps, measure volumes, advanced selection option have been introduced recently. You can create models from only laser scans. Models can be generated consisting of more parts. You can set the maximum edge length within the filtering tool. Models can be displayed textured / solid / wire / transparent either with the real-time scene renderer, video, or screenshot renderer. A tool that can close holes is now there, too. Particles, spikes etc. can be removed by the filtering tool.

    What do you have in mind under:

    • colour correction,
    • 'display in "3Ds" position of images including orientation and tilt via flight log',
    • OrthoProjection - align to control points?

    And what would be this for:

    • in the 2Ds? 'in “2Ds” insert graphic note (brush, circle, …)',
    • txt (set columns)?
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