at steam have much more cheap... why...?




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    Lucia CR
    KimHongJae wrote:
    Firt of all sry about my bad english...

    I have some question plz help me...
    I founded this software at steam, but at the steam price is 273CNY(chinese money) per 3Month
    but your wepsite Price is almost 723CNY i't too much diffrent... ( i'm living in china )
    Is there a any reason?
    is it same?

    plz let me know reason.. your wepsite selling this software much more expensive.
    if it's not the same software or condition or have some limit plz let me know... :)

    PS : I saw one of "RealityCapture Promo license condition" write " Online during export" it's mean.. If i have no internet or disconection internet, can't Export any meshe or OBJ?

    our licenses sold via Steam are not completely the same as offered at our webpage (see the product description) and Steam prices of our product may vary depending on the country which is Steam's policy we can do nothing about.

    With RealityCapture Promo bought via our web you need to have active Internet connection during export in order to be able to export anything. Our Steam licenses require constant Internet connection during its use, not just during export.
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    Andrej Boleslavsky
    Is the Steam price you mention for three month license or one month only?
    I'm going to spend some time in China soon :)
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