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    Hi Götz

    low-> it try use whole img area = when have small overlap
    medium-> default settings
    high-> it will use "central" part ( best optical quality) of img = high overlap

    for the speed "degradation" is minimal ( few % ) so can use it freely

    But if set LOW try set in alignment higher numbers for detected points and preselector as get larger area used..
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    Götz Echtenacher
    Hi Wishgranter,

    cheers, that helps! :-)
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    Tom Foster

    Wishgranter, when you said "set in alignment higher numbers for detected points ... as get larger area used" does that mean Max features per mpx, Max features per image, or Background feature detection?

    In Help>Alignment settings it says "Bigger overlap improves speed ..." - I can see that - because only using the centre of each photo

    "... while a smaller overlap may cause disconnected components if there are not enough photographs" - Is this the wrong way round? I'd have thought that Low overlap, using the whole photo area, would have best chance of connecting 'not enough photos'? Would setting High overlap really cause fewer disconnected components? If so, what's the use of the Low overlap setting?


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