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    Hi David

    Gutter is a pix value between UV islands

    if set to 1 it make 1 pix "border" so have 2 pix between 2UV islands pixels
    if set to 2 then have 4pix distance
    if set to 4 then have 8 pix distance.

    its because some sw need different gutter value, some sw have issues regarding the display of txtr on model in realtime, if the gutter is too low. If need just render out then can use gutter set with 1 (pix )
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    Hello David,

    to explain what is it good for - gutter region separates textures and allow for bilinear interpolation to avoid rendering artifacts especially at texture boundaries and when creating mip-maps.

    If you put textures too close, then when downscaling texture to say 25% you will start mixing pixels from the neighboring textures and this results in these artifacts. Greater Gutter makes this boundary bigger and our clever algorithm will in-paint this area in the way that you will get a precise boundary even for downscaled (mip-map) textures.
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    Lucia CR
    david wrote:

    What do the "gutter" and "large triangle removal threshold" settings in the newest version do?

    Kind regards,

    As I understand it:
    Gutter applies only to a texture. This number represents number of pixels, a protective area around an image with no texture in it, which is used to mix more textures together.
    Large triangle removal threshold: in case a triangle (a part of a model) is bigger than the given number of pixels, the system will not texture it.
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