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    Götz Echtenacher
    I think I got the answer to one of the questions by experimenting:
    It seems that importin components does not include any CP data.
    Could somebody confirm that please?
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    Hi Götz,

    the system assigns a genuine identifier to every control point. Control point measurements (clicked positions) are owned by an image. If you export a component with images which contain control points, then it will export also control points - with their identifiers.

    If you import the component back it will match the control point identifiers with identifiers in the scene and it will link control points and update positions with the newly imported state.
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    Götz Echtenacher
    Hi martinb,

    ok, so the identifier goes beyond the name of the control point?
    Does that also include a time marker or somthing like that?
    Because my experiment was as follows:
    About 20 images - first result was in 4 components.
    Added control points.
    Moved one point on one image way out of position on purpose.
    Exported one component including the image with the faulty point.
    Moved the point back.
    Renamed the control point.
    Imported the component with the faulty point.
    Ran an alignment.
    The result was, that the point was in the correct position and not wrong.
    So can I asume that if I import a component with outdated control point positions, they will not be moved back to their slightly differing positions?
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