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    Lucia CR
    Grundmann wrote:
    What is the difference between aligning pictures supposing I hadn't done any alignment before (or I deleted all components) and aligning pictures if I had done some alignment and I have some components already?

    I am not sure what are you aiming at. However, a component is a part of a model - a group of images aligned together. Sometimes you get more components after alignment. This may happen when your photo collection contains more than one disjoint object, object's texture is weak, there are not enough images or the change in perspective is too high.
    It is extremely useful to utilize components when working in parallel on more computers and also when you want to work on a piece of a project. You can export, import, merge components...
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    Wishgranter advised somebody who has problems to align picture to change alignment settings, clean present components and try align again. So I am aiming in this direction.
    So what does deleting of the component do. Do I delete all detected features and matches beside this process so it will be calculated again with next alignment?
    In that case what is happening when I have already aligned pictures and I run align pictures again. Is the bundle just recalculated or are matches also recalculated?
    In that case what does the update button do?
    I have to say that RC has big potential in comparison with other software but there are some little things which I need to understand to use this software in the proper way.
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