Unwrap not part of "Start button" pipeline?



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    Lucia CR
    pontus.ryman wrote:
    I just wanted to ask a quick question, is the Calculate Unwrap a part of the texture pipeline when i hit "Start" in the workflow tab? It does not appear in the sequence there but could still be run before the texture setup.

    If not, can i customize the workflow Start button steps to include it?


    Sorry for the late reply, most of us were outside the office last week.

    If your model is not textured beforehand, then the unwrap is automatically computed according to the default parameters:

    If your model is already textured, then just texture images colours are calculated, i.e. the existing unwrap will be used.
    If you want to recompute/create unwrap of the model, you can do it using the Unwrap tool.

    Unwrap is automatically included in the start button process when Colors and Texturing is set to Textures or Both vertex color and textures:
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