Misalignment - not enough overlap?




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    Hi Eva Rosenthal,
    Yes, it’s because of "low" overlap... And therefore the alignment is not good. you can see it with the inspection tool that not all cameras are connected to each other... I would highly recommend to shoot more images in the "missing" part so that you get more stable alignment.. Or try using control points to get it together..
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    Lucia CR
    Have a look at the tutorial on Using components in the updated Help inside the program - especially its second part (Merging components) should be very useful in your case:

    In general, there are more options how to connect a scene which was split into more components:
    1. Re-run alignment - RC will use special algorithms designed for merging components.
    2. Control points - manually create a link between two or among more images - provided additional links, RC can estimate transformations among images or components.
    3. Ground control points - geo-referencing every component to a common space.
    4. Adding more images - this is typically the fastest option.
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