How to handle missing scan/image files




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    Hi Hamish Harvey

    No, for now you cannot just delete them from projects ( images or scans ) but you can disable them and export them as a COMPONENT with only the data you want to preserve.

    From my experience: I NEVER delete data about that I am not sure they could be later used for whatever reason = proper planning ( proper backup strategy !! )

    How to open the problematic dataset ? you can create files with the missing data, for images you need to create the same resolution image, even plain filled with any color so that RC can open it. For the scans you need to create a workaround, the easiest way is to rename the other (same resolution ) scans and rename them to the missing ones. To get better workflow on this, look in the RCPROJ file, where are stored the plain-text paths + filenames...
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    Hamish Harvey 1
    Hi wishgranter,

    Thanks for the quick response - I realised after posting, and just came back to update that I'd done it and it works.

    Thanks for the pointer to RCPROJ.

    In this case proper planning would have been to duplicate the project before running the test. I wasn't sure if the scan data would work, and indeed it didn't. I could then have discarded the whole duplicate project.

    The photos case - RC correctly identified that I'd grouped photos incorrectly. The photos included in error were never going to be useful in that project, because they are of a different object. Definitely best removed. The only way to deal with that better would be to save snapshots of projects through time. Demanding of disk space but not impossible.

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