won't import e57 that earlier version would




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    Hi Hamish Harvey

    Is it possible to get the E57 for inspection ? E57 ( Faro, Lieca, Riegel etc ) are working flawlessly, when properly exported. So it looks like not good E57 export from the Recap. Send it please to milos.lukac@capturingreality.com

    As for alignment of intensity laser to images, it is nearly impossible, as INTENSITY values are not just a gray color scan, but INTENSITY values which is quite different from RGB ( or grayscale images ), so features are quite different. That is why we recommend, at least for now, scanning with COLOR ( or at least to have a few scans with color which can RC align properly.

    "warning: Sampling estimation failed. Probably, the imported data are not a scan"
    This means that the header of the E57 is not correct (not proper format ?!?! ), so RC cannot process it properly...

    As for aligning of scans with INTENSITY values, you can use control point workflow...
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    Hamish Harvey 1
    Hi wishgranter,

    I've emailed a link to the E57. I wouldn't have been surprised if the Recap export wasn't processable, but I'm puzzles by the change in behaviour between the last and latest versions of RC.

    Re intensity - understood. I initially assumed it wouldn't work, but since the selection was there in the import dialog I thought it worth trying.

    I was hoping to do a combined scan/photogrammetry process in a pitch dark space, which will mean intensity + flash on camera. I'll make sure we have good control points.

    I suppose that if we have only control points linking scan and photos, what we have really is a photogrammetric model, scaled and oriented by reference to a control network - the control network could just as well be surveyed using a total station. Or can the scan contribute to the geometry between control points in this situation?

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