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    Hi Luke
    did you use any unit conversion ? because it looks like the model is in a different size...
    Can you send me the OBJ for inspection ( size + orientation ) ? best if you can include the original reconstructed model, even as 1 mil poly. Send it to
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    Hi Wishgranter -

    Thank you for your response, I will gladly send those files to you.

    No, I haven't changed the scale and do not move the model besides changing the X axis on import. Basically, if i import the RC .obj into a program and then export a new .obj, the result is what you have seen. If I bring the RC model into instant meshes and then bring that obj in to RC, it is ok. take it in and out of zbrush, etc - perpendicular. Since posting earlier, I have brought the same untouched model into all the major modelling programs and did export tests and always get the same result.

    This alignment model is the combination of five other components/reconstruction regions. If I bring the model into any of the other five components, it imports on the correct plane, but at the wrong scale, which is correct.
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