Convert Obj to FBX ?




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    Modo can convert it.. or Maya..

    and there is also that free Converter ... d=22694909
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    Lucia CR
    Seb wrote:
    Hi all,

    I using the photogrammetry for creating tillable texture and I'm really impressed by the quality and the density done by RC, but I'm facing a bottleneck in my workflow and I would like to know if you have a solution on this specific point. RC can produce really hirez geometry and this is good, but the only format exportable right now is .obj and it's not the best format in town for really highrez geometry. By example, in zbrush the only way to import a 20millions geo is to import it from the FBX importer because Obj format make crash zbrush every time. It will be good if RC could, in the future, allow user to export in FBX.

    Otherwise, do you know a way to convert obj file into FBX easily ? :lol:

    hello, you can make your wish(list) here: viewforum.php?f=7 ;)
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