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    Hi David Johnston
    The unwrap has 3 different styles, and it depends on what you need to get as a result ( optimized for certain workflows )
    The most important value is the TEXTURE QUALITY and if it is 100 % then it’s the best result possible...

    I highly recommend you to use the FIXED TEXEL SIZE style and look for the OPTIMAL TEXEL VALUE and set it in TEXEL VALUE and hit UNWRAP – this way you get the best textures.
    As for the TEXTURING/COLORING style, for now use the VISIBILITY BASED style. the PHOTOCONSISTENCY is more „computation-heavy” style. and it will make a bit smoother results than VISIBILITY based, but it can help remove some artifacts in textures..

    We’re working on the HELP so that it’s more explanatory for the texturing ( as it’s quite complex stuff ) so it will be soon explained a bit more in depth..
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