adding new camera for textures to exsiting mesh?



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    Hi chris!

    I never test this before, but you can try "lock" position of existing camera with export their XML, and adjust camera settings after this to fixed.
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    Hi All,

    I have the same scenario Chris described 10 months ago. I need to add images to an existing component and would like to retain the relative rotation/position so as to re-use a model that's already been created and cleaned up. 

    I have tried the "Lock pose for component" feature, as well as exporting .xmp files (locked) with no success.There always seem to be a small random rotation or translation in the newly aligned component. 

    Is there currently any way to achieve this in RC?


    (The sample pic show an oddly "small" shift between the model and the new component tie points. Rotation is matching. Any thoughts?)

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