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    Hi tuomas.korhonen

    I have have encountered problems in two different situations where I try to align georeferenced laser scans and pictures from UAV together. In both situations laser scans are registered with third party software and imported with exact registration (.e57 format) and in exact local coordinates into Reality Capture.

    So you register them in LOCAL coordinates or as georeferenced with EPSG code set on import ?

    In first situation I have multiple ground control points for pictures and I manage to make alignment for pictures using these gcps (camera priors=false). But when I add laser scans into project I should use camera priors = true to keep laser scans in their original places. If I understood right, this camera priors makes software to use pictures GPS coordinates in alignment and alignment is not working. I still have same problem if I import georeferenced components using photos and laser scans separately into project and try to merge only these components together.

    Camera priors -> Laser scan data -> they must be georeferenced OR you set their position as LOCKED

    If images have GPS info then with high probability it will be aligned ( if its not aligning then its something wrong there )

    In second situation I have pictures without any ground control so I want to use laser scans to georeference pictures. In this situation I have control points between laser scans and UAV images but again I do not manage to align them together. Again Camera Priors = true uses pictures GPS coordinates so I get component from georeferenced laser scans and component with pictures in GPS position.

    So my question is which (alignment and prior pose) settings and workflows (re use components, XMP) I should use to align pictures (with or without ground control points) to georeferenced laser scans?

    from reading it look to be some issue there with the data, hope you trying to align proper data for photogramemtry.
    Its possible to take a look with TeamViewer so can better pinpoint the cause of the issues ?
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    Hello and thanks for the reply.

    My laser scans are registered in local coordinate system and imported as georeferenced (local CS). My pictures have GPS positions but I have ground control points in same local coordinate system as my laser scans. I do not want to use GPS positions but only ground control in a way that my laser scans and cameras should be in same coordinate system. How can I achieve this?

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    Nick Russill

    Hi Tuomas,


    I have exactly the same situation as you and can't get my scans to align into the same component as the images. I see your post was a year ago. Did you find a solution?





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