Super-camera - justified for building interiors?



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    Kevin Cain

    Hello, Tom, thanks for your questions...

    I'm sure the camera you're considering is quite good, but the main difficulty for any image-based reconstruction with low light images remains sensor noise. That is, taking at face value that the camera can give sharp focus at ultra-high ISOs, what does the noise look like in RAW? I suspect you won't be happy with the results of feature search from such images, because there is no way around the laws of physics in terms of light gathering unless the lens and sensor are enormous.

    The sample images on the page you link show less noise than the straw man cases they compare to, but I don't think you'd like to search for features with their result, especially in comparison to what you could achieve with soft box lighting.

    Naturally your caveat is 'inhabited room', which I take it comes with some compromises.  If you get some results from such a camera, I'm sure the forum would love to see them!

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    I've had pretty good results at iso 800 on d810.

    iso noise is less bad than motion blur. but i wouldn't go much higher, even with a a7s.

    if you have time though, using a tripod will give better results. just much slower to take the photos.

    also if you shoot wide open on a bright lens, it will also have less of the scene in focus. which is also an issue.

    I've also had good results with 14mm on the wide end (might be possible to go 11-12mm too). fisheye I've had mixed results, but its not really supported at all now. so i would stay away until it is.  


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