Reconstruction errors




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    Götz Echtenacher

    Hi yoz,

    the model seems rather large - could it be a memory issue?

    What are your specs?

    I see you've used RC before - could it be related to the newest version?

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    Zuzana Ďuríčková CR

    Hello yoz,

    what version and release of RC are you using? Did you have any issues with alignment? What is your reconstruction settings? Can you please decribe the steps you made? Also maybe post some screenshots of your project so we can have more information.

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    if you can get a screen shot of all your cameras using the inspect tool.

    alignment issues if the first place to look.

    there is probably one area of the model that is causing the problem. it would be nice if rc saved models after its crashed and you could just see that last bit it was working on. and then just avoid that area. or rework the alignment.

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    Here are my specs :

    • Mobo : Msi X99A Gaming 7
    • CPU : Intel Core i7 5930K
    • RAM : 8x8 Go DDR4 Crucial Ballistix
    • GPU : Msi GTX 1080
    • SSD : Samsung 500 Go
    • HDD : 3x2 To Seagate
    • PSU : Corsair HX1200i (1200W)

    I already had hardware issues on this PC. Before, i had BSOD on Windows (error 41). I already changed the PSU (600W->850M->1200W).  Then, i have thinked that the problem came from Msi After Burner software, but the problem continue, only on RC.

    I think the problem come from my RAM (but no Memtest errors during 24h). Maybe i have found a workaround yesterday. After i have tested (stress test) my PC with Prime95 sw, it seems that PC has problem between DRAM frequency and Mobo/CPU frequency. I have tested to decrease the DRAM frequency, no more errors on Prime95 stress tests, and RC reconstruction in progress....., no error for now.

    I will make you a feedback if RC crashing or not ......


    ps : special thanks to Milos for help :)

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