Meltdown and Spectre - Will patching effect us ?



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    Many times ago i was made synthetic dataset that can be used for benchmarking, quality checking and other.

    486 images, 24Mpx, Full 360 degree with angle not more than 10 degree between all loops and images. Perfect images with strong texture and without any DOF because synthetic dataset (3D rendered)

    Images was specially randomized to prevent any kind of sequence align optimized algorithms!

    *_mask.tif file specially added for other software that required masks (like photoscan that just can't align this dataset without them)

    some benchmark in RealityCapture made couple of months ago:
    (Align and meshing settings was reset to default)
    i7 6700 @ 3,4Ghz, Skylake
    64Gb DDR4
    Asrock Z170M
    Gigabyte GTX 960 (2Gb)
    from HDD

    Aligning: 743,052 sec (12.38 min)
    Meshing High: 19153.462 sec (5.32 hours)
    (no region was defined)

    i9 7620X @ 2.90Ghz
    64Gb DDR4
    Gigabyte X299 AORUS Gaming 7
    Double (in SLI) Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti
    from Intel SSD

    Aligning: 378.169 sec (6.31 min)
    Meshing High: 9293.027 (2.58 hours)
    (no region was defined)



    And more interesting.

    New tests made before KB4056892 but yesterday was faster (on i7 system) than couple of month ago.


    And even more interesting after KB4056892 fix speed was INCREASED on i7 for both steps (Align and Meshing)

    And only on i9 Align was slower than test couple of months ago, but meshing much faster.


    Align: before: 661sec
    after: 630sec

    Meshing High:
    Before: 11673sec
    After: 10837sec
    (i7 6700 3,4Ghz, Skylake 64Gb DDR4 Asrock Z170M)

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    I've not noticed a difference.

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