Show image on camera double-click



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    Götz Echtenacher

    Hi alice,

    what do you mean by "inspect"?

    When you click it once, it will be activated in 2D view 1 (blue) and the image will also be highlighted in the 1s view.

    Together with all the values in the input menu, if you have that activated...

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    Donald Newlands


    I have a layout with a 3D, 2D and a 1D window.  I click on a camera in the 3D view and it is highlighted with orange and yellow FOV cones and the 1D view changes to include the camera information, but nothing happens in the 2D view!

    Alternately, I have run across a mode where simply mousing over cameras in the 3D view changes the 2D views, but I can't find a way to make them "stick" in those views.  :/ 

    I currently resort to clicking in 3D, finding the name of the image in 1D, zooming out in 2D to check the image name (hidden if zoomed to the full window) and/or scanning the image lists for the image name (very difficult in component views because the images cannot be sorted alphabetically).

    One more thing: if I have an image in a window, I can't tell if it's listed in a component or the image list. I would expect highlights on any images that are displayed in 2D viewpoints and a special highlight on the image name if the viewport is highlighted.

    And: how can I tell which images have the most control points defined?  I currently search through images one at a time to find the ones that have control points or drag the images from the 1D control point list to the 2D viewports... to try and figure it out.  When aligning components, it would be super helpful to know which image in each component has the most control points.

    I wish there was a tutorial on how the different alignment tools are supposed to work together!


    -Donald Newlands


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