How can I figure out number of matches between two pictures



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    Don't think you can find this information in UI. This information probably can be available only via SDK.

    But will be better if you write what kind of problem you try to solve?

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    Justin Jang

    I basically want to know the basic technique for debugging quality of scans by monitoring inspection tool. 

    Let say, if I found two camera positions that are aligned but not connected. 

    Then, I open two 2D windows to analyze match points. 

    It will be easy to figure out if it has just 10~20 points but become hard to analyze if it has 70~80 points. 

    I cannot figure out easily what is the root cause of the problem. 

    It would be rather easy if I can see the numbers of match point right away. Then I can try some modification on studio and check if the number of match points has increased. 




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