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    Steven Smith

    Youtube seems to have interiors and exteriors at length already. What about Aerial Drone workflow. Specifically DJI Mavic and Phantom series as theses seem most popular/affordable. Can we import flight logs from these drones? How to view projections on map in RC and export models to google earth.

    Maybe macro. Small insects, the fine details of a feather. How to deal with depth of field (image stacking, using a higher f-stop regardless of diffraction, or just taking more pictures).

    Also how feature detection works. What is feature detection looking for? When is it appropriate to turn it up/down? Examples: wood grain, brick, paintings, college campus with foliage obscuring partial views from some angles. How does preselectors work? Does feature detection and preselectors start with the largest most prominent features and work down?

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    I think I still struggle with understanding the importance of alignment and how it affects texturing in the later stages.

    For External structures and interior rooms, I want to be able to know what the affect of miss alignment is going to have when I import an extremely low poly model into RC and reapply the texture to my low poly interior. Trying to optimize texture quality to avoid any blurry textures. I still have not found anything good online that would help perfect this from start to finish.

    Some minor things, why cant RC just set the ground position by setting 3 ground control points :). I always try to eye ball it and I would like to use control points to keep a model static when importing and exporting low poly models while potentially re aligning my original model to get improved texture mapping which is not blurry.

    Steven, RC takes the GPS locations from drones. It uses my phantom 4 Adv information to determine distance and ground points automatically. :)

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