How do I get RC to use my GPU




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    Götz Echtenacher

    Hi kate,

    RC uses the GPU only for one specific step, which I don't recall just now.

    It might be reconstruction you can search the forum - it should be somehwere in here...

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    Marcin Dabrowski

    If you want to monitor your GPU change your preview to "Compute_0' mode, then you will see your GPU work. I will also suggetst to use free version of HWMonitor, you will have there more informations about hardware processing. 

    GPU is used during Depth Maps calculations, after this process is done it RC will calculate meshes and this process is done by CPU. Check this topic about some hardware details.


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    Lucia CR

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    Nicolás Dubiansky

    I checked all of this and my RealityCapture is using my GeForce 940M.
    However, I don't know if GPU memory dedicated is the correct or if I should increase it (in that case I really don't know how to achieve it... I saw youtube tutorials but all of them are for increasing the Intel Video Card, not for NVIDIA).

    The RC is running on my SSD, I have 16gb RAM, Intel i7 processor and INTEL(R) HD Graphics 520 and NVIDIA GeForce 940M. 


    For example the model calculation process for medium quality, with 20 images (each one of 4.4 MB) it takes 5 minutes... 

    And with High Quality, the process takes 15 minutes. Are OK these values? Or they should take less time with my computer properties?

    Please Help me! Because I want to decide if I will purchase a license, but before I want to solve the GPU VRAM and be sure if I can improve the performance increasing some value.




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