RealityCapture for Culture competition [ENDED]



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    Good luck everyone - can't wait to see what you capture or how you demo RealityCapture in your videos!

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    Tholos of Delphi,  made with the blazing speed of Capturing Reality.

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    Looks great (Delphi is awesome anyway)
    How many photos did you use ?

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    Gildas SIDOBRE PhD

    Here my first model on the 2 that i want to share:
    from the japanese esoterism and a base of japanese history:

    Byakko: the white tiger representing Autumn and Metal, guardian of the West direction
    (always represented with Seiryū: the Azure Dragon: which is the second model)

    by extension, and not a point to consider for the challenge:
    i print them in flax fibers, for educational purposes (let young generations discovering their history)

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    Gildas SIDOBRE PhD

    Here the second model and the last one:
    still from the japanese esoterism and a base of japanese history:

    Seiryū: the Azure Dragon, representing Spring and Wood, Guardian of the East

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    Inui scaffold of Kumamoto Castle:

    Two very strong earthquakes hit Kumamoto in a short period of time in April of 2016. Kumamoto prefecture is suffering serious damage.
    Kumamoto will repair the castle in this 20 years. PS. I’m sorry but the model is incomplete. 

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    @Heiko 131 photos taken with a dji mavic. Cheers

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    Erik Lernestål

    Enter the Hallwyl House - where the 19th century never ended!

    It was once home to the wealthy couple Wilhelmina and Walther von Hallwyl and is situated in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. It was built as a representative winter home, as well as an office for the family business and a suitable surrounding for Wilhelmina von Hallwyl’s extensive collections of art and antiques. The house is now a museum.

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    Marcin Dabrowski

    Sketchfab Model

    Workflow Video



    The Nicolaus Copernicus Monument in Kraków, Poland was designed by sculptor Cyprian Godebski in 1899 and completed in 1900. It has become a significant landmark of the city, as it commemorates one of the most famous alumni of the Jagiellonian University of Kraków.

    Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) was a Renaissance scientist and scholar. His heliocentric model of the universe was revolutionary and contributed greatly to the emergence and development of modern science. He was an astronomer, mathematician, translator, physician, economist, and had a doctorate in canon law. A true polymath, or “Renaissance man”, whose life and work has become a part of cultural heritage of Europe and the world.

    The 3D model features the monument of Copernicus wearing a purple bowtie. It was put on it as a part of an artistic happening organized by the University’s students to promote upcoming Juvenalia, a yearly student festival celebrating youth culture, freedom of expression and creativity.


    Reality Capture processing of 1281 images in 7h 40 minutes. 

    Camera: Nikon D610 

    Lens: Nikon Nikkor AF 28 mm f/2.8D

    Additional tools: Tripod, Camera Crane (homemade), ColorChecker, Clamp Crabs, Magic Arm, Infrared Nikon Remote Control


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    David Bowie Statue - Aylesbury Market Square UK

    David Bowie had a massive fan following around the world. This capture shows the various stages of his amazing career and is now preserved forever in 3d thanks to ReallityCapture.

    Images of the photoshoot below.

    Address: 22 Market Square, Aylesbury HP20 1TR
    Open 24 hours
    Location: Market Square (since 2018)
    Medium: Bronze
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    paul PARNEIX

    We scanned the West Facade of "Notre Dame de Paris" Cathedral.

    Sketchfab Model

    Presentation/Workflow Video


    Focusing on the "Portal of the Last Judgement" and "Gallery of Kings", our goal was to reconstruct a very high-detailed version of the Cathedral West Facade.

    We processed 800+ colour-calibrated photos in Reality Capture. All Processing (Reconstruction, Unwrap and texturing) done in RC.

    For Sketchfab, we baked a normal map from the raw scan on a decimated version to maximize details, keeping decent polycount for real-time rendering.


    Sketchfab Real-Time Rendering : 

    Thanks for watching !

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    Windmill from the village of Bogdanka near Juchnowiec (Podlasie) from 1945 translocated to the open-air museum of the Podlasie folk-cultural museum located in Wasilkow. The object is a 27-hectare area, on which more than 30 wooden objects were located.

    Windmill type: wood dutch.

    It is one of three objects that we have scanned together with Monika Urbańczyk at the Museum of Folk Culture. This is also my first approach to scan an object of this size. Used: Canon 5dsr, Sigma art lens 50mm, monopod

    Created in RealityCapture by Capturing Reality from 362 images in 18h:17m:05s.


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    Marcin Dabrowski

    Sketchfab Model




    Raw scan made on cinema movie projector that is standing in Kijów Centrum Cimena in Kraków, Poland.

    It was used for 35mm tape. Produced in the 1961 by Łódzkie Zakłady Kinotechniczne in Poland. The projector was designed for cinemas with rooms up to 1000 seats. It was then one of the most popular models used in Polish cinemas.

    The projector was equipped with an aspherical mirror with a diameter of 356 mm and a focal length of 120 mm. The standard lens provided by the manufacturer was Polkinar 1.8 / 100.

    The basic equipment of the projector was an optical sound reading system with two exposure bulbs - one in the working position, the other one in reserve (both fixed in the rotating holder, which allowed for exchange without interrupting the projection). In addition, the projector could be equipped with a 4-channel magnetic sound pickup.

    The projector was powered by a three-phase asynchronous motor. The engine was started using an automatic starter.

    Created in RealityCapture: 1270 photos

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    Angelo Tsiflas

    Hello everyone. I really liked the theme of the contest so I decided to give the demo version a try and scan a small statue of Plato that I had sitting around. I will visit the Acropolis museum as well in a few days but I am not sure if I can make it by the time the deadline is set, so I made this video just to be sure. 

    Workflow video: 
    Please let me know if I need to add/ edit anything else for my entry. As always, feedback is much appreciated!

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    Roman Amphitheater in Pula (Croatia).

    The goal of the project was to create high-res polygonal model and unfolded orthophoto of the amphitheatre’s outer walls.

    Sketchfab Link


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    Romain ROUFFET

    Hey there !

    Nice entries guys :O

    This windmill got some crazy details !

    I stumble across this ruins during a little road trip I’ve made in the south of France last week end.

    nb: blur on this image is from the small rain droplet on the lens

    It was rainy and windy so I need to be quick to avoid having too much droplet on my lens and need higher iso to compensate motion blur from the wind and the lack of sun.

    This was done with one battery (20min) on a P4P takink about 700 photos.

    It could have been better if I’ve had some pictures from the ground but rain forced me to abort the capture.

    This is straight from RC no touch up in external software.

    By the way recon and texturing was blazing fast using nvidia GV100 combine with RC !

    link to sketchfab: 

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    Ruud Hogenberg

    Statue of liberty dove, in Nieuw Weerdinge

    De statue is about a broken hart, friendship and trust between human fades away, the broken hart is in fire and a dove escape from it. Flying to a respectfull world in harmony - statue created by Martine Gangelhof.

    The statue was a collaboration between our schools and our medical doctor, each year during memorial day (4th of may), the marching to our cemetry start from this statue. 

    Took 196 picture with a canon eos 500d, each picture was accepted in the process. 

    Highest point with 3meter tripod, diafragma at 22 for correct dof, automatic iso and auto shutterspeed, zoomlens approx 28 to get good overlap 


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    Stunning job guys!!

    My entry is located in Belgium in Tournai. It's one of the last watergate in Europe. Designed to control and defend the river access to the city, it's one of the city symbol along with the cathedral and the belfort.

    Sketchfab link:

    Full model: 


    A project is ongoing because current state limit navigation activities. I have no clue about driving a canal boat but i guess you must be quite a pilot to cross that narrow arch...

    I tried to get the whole site in one build in RC and i managed to fit it inside the 2500 pictures limit. It was a bit tricky due to the size and the interior part, combined with my goals (being able to see a lot of the stones geometry). I used a nikon d5100 and cgo3 from the yuneec typhoon H platform, producing raw (nikon) and jpg (typhoon) files. I tried to shoot only in cloudy condition but it was challenging... clouds are nice but often followed/bringing by rain here in Belgium...

    The printed version


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    Zlatan Novak

    Murals of St. George's chapel

    6097 photos used in reconstruction. Pixel size less than 1mm. Model is used for murals conservation purposes.

    Sketchfab link: 


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    Miguel Bandera Llamazares

    San Isidoro gallery

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    TokyoStation Marunouchi #1

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    Lid of Manhole, Reutlingen


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    The Medieval Wall of Pisa - Part I


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    Stuart Eve

    Here is the Runestone of Harald Bluetooth, the 'founding father' of Denmark. 

    This is the famous Jelling stone erected by the viking Harald Bluetooth around 965AD. An earlier stone erected by his father, Gorm the Old, stands beside it - and represents the earliest mention of Denmark.

    Harald’s stone, known as Denmark’s Birth Certificate also contains one of the earliest mentions of Denmark (‘tanmuark’) and tells of Harald becoming the King of the Denmark and Norway and making the conversion of the Danes to Christianity. The modern Danish Royal Family can trace its roots directly back to Gorm and Harald. The Jelling stones are not only part of a Unesco World Heritage Site, but also are so fundamental to Danish History that a picture of the Christ figure is included on the inside front cover of every modern Danish passport. The design on the stones is a fantastic mixture of Christian and 'pagan' imagery, which is very nicely picked out in the model.

    As a nice piece of trivia, this is the same Harald Bluetooth after which Bluetooth technology is named. Harald brought together all of the different groups in Denmark under one banner (the way that Bluetooth brings together disparate technology) - so the Bluetooth logo is a combination of the runic H (ᚼ) and the runic B (ᛒ).

    For more information see:

    The model itself was created from 248 images in 01h:54m:43s. It was quite a difficult project, due to too much raking sunlight and also because the stone itself is now within a protective case. This case meant there was a lot of reflection on the surrounding glass (as can be seen from images below) and also that it was impossible to get perfect pictures from either the top of from one edge of the stone. These artefacts can be seen by the slightly flattened and filled top and also the 'seam' that runs down one edge. Reality Capture did a fantastic job of sorting this out, however, and it would have taken only minimal post-processing to clean it up.

    The texturing actually disguises quite a bit of details (it is worth checking out the MatCap view on SketchFab), and in fact when the texturing is removed you can pick out way more detail on the runes and decoration - once again demonstrating what a fantastic tool photogrammetry (and Reality Capture!) is for cultural heritage interpretation and conservation.


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    Marcin Dabrowski

    Sketchfab Model 


    Zalipie, a village in southern Poland, is most famous for its folk art. Local artists have been covering houses in traditional floral motifs, a custom with roots back in the 18th century, when housekeepers would lighten sooty interiors of their huts by covering them with limewash. Through the 19th century the practice evolved into a habit of decorating cottages - both on the inside and on the outside - with colorful painted ornaments. The tradition has been kept up in the 20th century by dedicated artists like Felicja Curyłowa (1904-1974) and - thanks to her and her followers - to this day we can admire unique local art, and house painting contests are still held to support this live tradition. The 3D model was created based on one of the oldest, finest examples of a Zalipie painted house.