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  • Thanks Erik for your response.

    Would the team consider this as a feature request then? I have a library of scans I need to rip through but whether or not I license them is dependent on the client's needs. In the meantime, I calculate the models and save the project file in the event they decide to purchase my work. I have a library of hundreds of scans, and growing, and obviously I can't bear the cost of licensing each one without knowing which ones will be purchased.

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    Erik Kubiňan CR

    Hello dear Peter Sekula from Quantum Theory Entertainment,

    I would like to apologise as I did not inform you enough and correctly.

    There is a solution for your cause inside of PPI's CLI functions and that is using getLicense command with PPI PIN as a value next to it. Using this command before an export command will get your inputs licensed without a manual input. You can create your pin here 
    Also here is an example .bat script which would work in this case.

    "C:\Program Files\Capturing Reality\RealityCapture\RealityCapture.exe" -load "D:\xxx\zzz.rcproj"^
    -simplify 5000000^
    -getLicense INSERT PIN HERE^
    -exportSelectedModel "C:\xxx\yyy.obj"^

    You can also do license your inputs using PPI PIN certificate file.

    Reset the application settings - Shift + double click on logo to start the app.
    Application will run and you will notice a window saying Activate RealityCapture

    Choose Activate offline
    Press the “Save unlock” button
    Choose Activate online
    Login with your account
    Choose a PPI license

    Login on our website using the same details as in application
    Go to

    Create new pin
    Scroll down and select new created pin
    Choose create certificate
    Upload your unlock file
    Pin certificate will be generated, save it to a desired folder.

    Now that you have a certificate file you should put this line

     -getLicense "C:\xxx\pin_cert.txt"

    before an export command in the script and your inputs will be licensed.

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