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    I want to do something like this. What are the steps? Need to process all photos at once or in sections?

    Yes, the workflow is to align by local chunks/clusters (of something like 50 to 1000 pictures) and then align the components together to build a large component : this is covered in the doc (multi-component workflow).

    Is it possible to place such a model on the Internet so that people can easily view it? 

    Yes, you can use 3D model online services like Sketchfab or Poly. Just simplify your reconstructed model to an "acceptable" level (somewhere between 10,000 and 1,000,000 triangles), texture it with 8k texture(s), export to .obj and you are ready to upload to such services. 

    I would also like my model to have internal models of buildings. Will RealtyCapture support panoramic cameras? Take a picture of a large area with a traditional camera is a very long time.

    As soon as you have proper overlap, this will work. To ease alignment and texture blending (usually indoors are darker than outdoors), you should take a lot of pictures at the transitions between indoor and outdoor.

    About speeding up the process, this is not recommended to have few shooting points : you need parallax. Maybe RC now supports 360° photos, I didn't check recently.


    How to combine photos taken with GPS coordinates with photos inside buildings?

    RC should figure that out using the EXIF infos in the pictures, look in the documentation.

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    Erik Kubiňan CR

    Jonathan_Tanant Was correct in many points and I have to say thank you Jonathan for helping.
    Just to clarify few things a bit more.

    We do not support spherical images or panoramas. Rather use a wide angle lens without too much distortion and take a bit mroe pictures.

    Also, when preparing your model for uploading to Sketchfab I recommend you to use 4k jpg textures to fit in the Basic plan of Sketchfab which is 50mb per file restriction before upgrading to a paid plan and I recommend you to use our Texture Reprojection tool to create a normal map which will preserve the detail of your model after optimising it.

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