I would like to ask when the RC output model



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    Erik Kubiňan CR

    Hello dear user,  

    The thing that changes what you see in there is the Unwrap, specifically its utilization. Select a model in RC and a "Selected model(s)" window will appear. Access the Texturing menu in there and you will notice a parameter called Texture utilization (with gutter). This percentage value represents how well is the UV space filled with UV islands and therefore how much of let's say 4096x4096 pixels are effectively used. The black and yellow gradient in your picture is the empty space of an unwrap. To make your utilization better you can play around with the unwrap styles, but most of the time selecting a Fixed texel size with Texel size set to optimal should help. Some models are easier for unwrap algorithms to cut them into islands which could perfectly fit in the UV space and some are just harder, it is not always possible to reach the top numbers with some models, so don't be scared if you don't reach the perfect utilization.

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