Export of registered cameras and sparse points.



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    to make image features invariant to image resolution we always transfer them to unit width or height image with preserved aspect ratio. Image is also shifted so that image center is at 0,0;

    If you are referring to 2D coordinates exported using "$ExportTrack(..)", then here they are undistorted too if you export with undistortion option set to true. 

    So to get pixel location of a feature point you need:

       x:  $(x*scale + width/2)

       y:  $(y*scale + height/2)

    $(scale) is internally always set as max( width, height ) which is the scaling factor from the unit size image to real width/height image.

    Principal point undistortion here affects how the undisorted image is generated. If set to true, then image is corrected so that optical center is in the image center. This may result in adding black (background color) space around the image to achieve this. 

    $x and $y coordinates are compensated automatically and you should not need to do anything.

    I will double-check if everything works as expected.




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