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Request to reconsider removal of GCP from PGM/Steam



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    Erik Kubiňan CR

    The upcoming changes will have no effect on PGM license. Regarding the control points you can still use them. You only won't be able to use geo referencing so only gcps will be affected.

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    at the moment I'm using 3-4 ControlPoints as Ground Control Points and one defined distance to orientate and scale my models, will this still be possible? How would I do this without the Ground Control Points?

    I do not need the spezial Coordinate Systems but I would love to have these 3-4 ground Control Points and a very basic metric coordinate system.

    Hope this stays!

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    Jennifer Cross

    Thank you Erik

    CP are helping for photo alignment (very useful)

    GCP are helping for model alignment - otherwise cumulative errors or slight issues with lens variation distort the model, especially where there may be fewer cameras or fewer features available.

    Without them (GCP) any models made by RC are really going to be just a starting point for further work rather than something we can actually use as generated. They are fine uncontrolled for my smaller visual reference models (say for the vr assets) but I often find models "banana" up at the edges or otherwise distort and to fix that you need to add a scattering of GCP to give RC the info it needs to correctly interpret the pixel data,  Perhaps you could limit the GCP/model as you have with limits on photos? Removing them entirely cripples the RC surface mesh functionality for any serious projects.

    But just asking the developers to reconsider before (from my point of view) crippling the software - I've invested quite a lot of time getting familiar with RC to use on various projects and hate that go to waste.

    Thanks for reading


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